Capital Museum

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Items displayed at Capital Museum

The refurbished and relocated Capital Museum is now China's second largest, dwarfed only by the National Museum. With its striking modern architecture and impressive variety of exhibits, the museum has staked its claim as the best museum in Beijing. Well captioned displays are offset with informative introductions that, thankfully, don't assume everyone if an experts on Chinese history and culture.

Items displayed at Capital Museum

Regular exhibitions include "Ancient Capital Beijing -- History, Culture and Urban Construction". This display illustrates the splendor and glory of the gradually-formed and constantly-evolving culture of the city.

Exhibitions of fine artistic collections include ancient chinaware, ancient bronze art, calligraphy, paintings, jade ware, ancient Buddha statues and scientific instruments. Seven Fine Arts collections and "Old Stories of Beijing -- Exhibition of Old Beijing Folk Customs" add further insights, and reach out to include Beijing's contemporary culture.

To see all the exhibitions in the new museum would require a visit of at least four or five hours.