CIIC:Selected anniversaries/October 23

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Woman Crying directed by Shen Xiling

1924: General Feng Yuxiang launched the Beijing Coup d'Etat.

1931: The Latest Action Guidelines was adopted by the Chinese League of Left-wing Dramatists in September 1931 and posted on the Literature Leader Volume 1, combined 6 & 7 Issue on October 23 of the same year, marking the beginning of the Chinese Left-wing Cinema Movement.

1999: Under the Cooperation Framework for Furthering Youth Exchange, signed by the Chinese and Japanese governments in November 1988, the first group of 100 from the Japanese youth delegation arrived in Beijing and began their goodwill visit.

2002: The China Great Wall Industry Corporation signed a launch service agreement with APT Satellite Company Limited (APT) to send the APSTAR VI into orbit while piggybacked on the Long March 3B carrier rocket. The rocket was launched at the end of 2004 according to the deal.