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Empress Dowager Cixi

1908: Empress Dowager Cixi died.

1992: Hong Kong stuntman Ko Shou-liang flew over the Jinshanling Great Wall on his motorcycle.

1994: A nightclub named Yindu in Jilin City in northeast China's Jilin Province, caught fire, burning down the city's library and a neighboring museum in the process. More than 6,800 sq.m of the museum building was burned. The fire also destroyed a 70-million-year-old dinosaur fossil collected in the museum.

1999: China's Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Shi Guangsheng and US Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky, respectively representing their two governments, signed the bilateral agreement on China's accession to the World Trade Organization in Beijing, which marked a great step forward and the successful conclusion of bilateral negotiations on China's accession to the WTO.