Big-and-Small Cave Heaven

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The Big and Small Caves, Sanya, Hainan

Located at the beach close to Nanshan Mountain 40 km west of downtown Sanya, the Big-and-Small Cave Heaven used tobe Daoist holy land, with a history of 800 years.

The tourist attractions there include the Immortal Longevity Rock, the Rock Overlooking Pavilion, the Spectacle of the Sea and Mountain, the Sword Trying Peak and the Temple of the Dragon King of the South Sea. The Immortal Longevity Rock is a monolith carved with the Chinese character "longevity," which is 2.15 m tall and said to have been written by the famous Song Daoist sage Chen Tuan. The character is in fact composed of four smaller characters—"man," "longevity," "year," and "harvest," meaning that the people enjoy a long and affluent life.