Beijing Memorial Hall of New Cultural Movement

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The memorial hall is located on Wusi Street, Dongcheng District. Its original location is the red building of Peking University. The red building is the battalion for China's New Cultural Movement, and also the cradle for May 4th Movement in 1919.

Beijing Memorial Hall of New Cultural Movement is founded on the red building. Through displays, recovered scenes, journals, videos, it exhibits the history of New Cultural Movement in an all-round way.

90 pictures and 60 practicalities vividly tell the stories of the emergency of New Cultural Movement and the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. On the first floor, office of Li Dazhao who acted as the director of Peking University Library at that time keeps its original look.

The reading room in which Chairman Mao once worked and the big classroom where the students of Peking University studied are well reserved. In the display hall of journals, 20 kinds of journals and magazines belonging to National Museum of China published in that period are on display. Two special films made by the memorial hall respectively entitled May 4th Movement and The Former Residences of Celebrities in New Cultural Movement are put on in the video room.

Further Information:

Address: No.29 Wusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Bus Route: Bus No.101, 103, 109, 111, 810, 812, 814, 819, 846 to the stop of Shatanlu

Opening Hours: 8:30--16:30 (Except Monday)

Nearby Sights: China Art Gallery, Jingshan Park and Palace Museum, Wangfujing, Dongan Market, Di'anmen Gate and Drum Tower.

Admission Fee: 5 Yuan for adults; 4 Yuan for groups (over 10 people); 3 Yuan for students; free for seniors, the disabled, active army men and primary or middle school students who register reservation.

Tel: 8610-64024929

Beijing Memorial Hall of New Cultural Movement