Beijing Cui Yongping Art Museum of Leather-Silhouette Show

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The establishment of Cui Yongping Art Museum of Leather-Silhouette Show fills in a gap of Beijing museums. The museum is reconstructed by three apartments in the ground floor, and the area covering about 250 square meters. More than 10,000 pieces of leather-silhouette works of different periods such as Ming dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, Anti-Japanese War, in different places such as Hebei, Shangdong, Sichuang and Shaanxi province, as well as part of the works Cui Yongping designed by himself are collected in the museum. In order to collect the leather-silhouette works in various places and the related historical materials, Cui left his footprints on the most of the ground of China.

The collected leather-silhouette works in the museum cover a wide range of subjects, including historical novels, folklores, fairy tales, fables and modern stories. On a wall of the museum, 500 leather-silhouette head portraits are displayed according to the four roles in traditional Chinese opera: male role, female role, painted-faced role and comic role. In addition, there are introduction of working procedures, the historical materials, stage property, scripts and the live performance of leather-silhouette shows in the museum.

Further Information:

Address: the ground floor, Entrance D, Building 16, Jinqiao Garden (housing estate), Majuqiao, Tongzhou district, Beijing

Bus route: take No. 732, 927 bus to the stop of Majuqiao then go to Jinqiao Garden

Self-drive route: along the route of Yongdingmen-Muxiyuan- Chengsousi-yizhuang-Majuqiao to Jinqiao Garden

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Admission Fee: RMB 50 Yuan(foreigners, including performance), 10 Yuan, 5 Yuan (student)

Restaurants nearby: Koufuju Restaurant, Yihaiqing Restaurant, Yulin Roast Duck Restaurant

Tel: 8610-60502692, 13681223653

Beijing Cui Yongping Art Museum of Leather-Silhouette Show