Bangshuiya Ancient Battleground

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Thirty km north of Qinhuangdao and five km into the valley of Huachangyu, lies Bangshuiya, the site of an important battle during the Ming Dynasty.

In 1567, the Mongolian chief Donghulai led 100,000 troops to try to smash through Jielingkou Pass. General Zhang Chen, the Ming general stationed at Gubeikou Pass, 125 km north of Beijing, rode post haste with only 3,000 cavalrymen to block the invasion. At Bangshuiya, Zhang Chen and his men fought bravely despite the fact the enemy far outnumbered them. They won a great victory.

To commemorate Zhang Chen's deed, the local people erected a temple to the God of War, where Zhang Chen had been worshiped. The local government rebuilt the temple when it collapsed 40 years later, and had nine steles erected to record Zhang's victory. Over the centuries, the temple has been well preserved and people have never stopped worshipping and offering sacrifices. Around the temple is a forest of lush green pines, where flocks of white cranes gather.