Archaic Phoenix Town

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Located on the southwest of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, the Archaic Phoenix Town is once called “the most beautiful little Chinese town” by New Zealand renowned writer Louis Alley. It has beautiful scenery and centuries-old history, having lots of historical scenic sits. It is full of sentiment of a little border area town with ancient gate tower, blue flagstone alleys, garden of Ming and Qing Dynasties, wooden house projecting over Tuojiang River and small boat in the harbor. It is also the home town of Shen Congwen, a great Chinese literature master and Huang Yongyu, a traditional Chinese painting master. The Chinese ancient south Great Wall, which is searched by historians continuously, is also discovered here. As a Miao ethnic group community, it also retains the rich national character and style, like solar term events such as "April eighth," "Songfest," "Lanmen drinking" and so on, showing the honest, kindness and unconstrained elegant demean our of the Miao people.