Ancient Rock Paintings in Helan Mountains

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Helan Mountains in Ningxia have the largest number of rock paintings in both China and world. Helankou, covering an area of 10 sq. km, possesses 2,318 group paintings and 5,679 individual paintings, 57 times more than the universally agreed standard of 10 group paintings per sq. km. It is now a key site under state protection. Now, it has become a rock painting park open to domestic and overseas tourists and researchers.

Found in 27 sites, the ancient rock paintings in Helan Mountains include over 5,000 group works and more than 27,000 individual ones. Ningxia archeologists have classified them into rock art on grasslands by mountains, rock art on hilly lands, and rock art on deserts and hills.

Rock paintings in Helan Mountain, Ningxia