Ancestral Temple of Chen Family

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Located in Enlong Lane on 7th Zhongshan Road in Guangzhou, the Ancestral Temple of Chen Family was built with donations from members of the Chen clan in the 72 counties of Guangdong from the 16th to the 20th year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu (1890-1894). After its completion, it was used to provide lodgings for Chen family candidates who came from around the province to prepare for the imperial examinations held in Guangzhou. Hence it was also called the Chen Clan Academy.

The structure covers an area of 15,000 sq. m, with its main complex occupying 6,400 sq. m. It has 19 big and small buildings organized into three sections. It is especially renowned for its exquisite decorations, including wood, stone and brick carvings, ceramic sculptures, murals and bronze castings.

Ancestral Temple of Chen Family, Guangdong