A Bite of China

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A Bite of China

The documentary television series "A Bite of China", directed by Chen Xiaoqing and narrated by Li Lihong, debuted on China Central Television Channel One on May 14, 2012.

A seven-episode documentary series focusing on the heritage of Chinese catering, “A Bite of China” gives viewers a unique insight into more than 1,000 years of eating in China.

But to say that “A Bite of China” solely focuses on eating food fails to do the documentary justice. The series describes traditional China, its heritage, its people and the hardships they overcame as a society. “A Bite of China” tells an immersing story on how losing sight of traditional culture and values are creating a crisis for modern China.

Filming began in March 2011, and the seven-episode documentary introduces viewers to the history and story behind food from over 60 locations throughout China. “A Bite of China” has been acknowledged as a great way to educate the world on Chinese culture and increase the nation’s level of soft-power.