10 Great Marshals of the PLA

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On September 27, 1955, China conferred the rank of Great Marshal to 10 leaders of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). At the time the PLA used four military ranks, which were further categorized into 14 grades: Great Marshal, Marshal;Great General,General, Lieutenant General, Major General; Senior Colonel, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major; Senior Captain,Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant.

The announcement was made in a ceremony presided over by Chairman Mao Zedong (1893-1976) at Huairentang, Zhongnanhai, headquarter of the PRC's central government, on September 27, 1955. Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Lin Biao, Liu Bocheng, He Long, Chen Yi, Luo Ronghuan, Xu Xiangqian, Nie Rongzhen and Ye Jianying were all awarded the rank of Great Marshal of China. On the same day, the State Council, led by Premier Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), conferred the rank of Great General on 10 other leaders, including Su Yu.

These are the 10 Great Marshals:

Born in 1886 in Lilong County, Sichuan Province, Zhu De joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Germany in 1922.
Born in 1898 in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, Peng Dehuai joined the CPC in 1928. He had served as vice premier and defense minister.
Born in 1907 in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, Lin Biao joined the CPC in 1925.
Born in 1892 in Guanxian County, Sichuan Province, Liu Bocheng joined the CPC in 1926.
Born in 1896 in Sangzhi County, Hunan Province, He Long joined the CPC during the Nanchang Uprising in 1927.
Born in 1901 in Lezhi County, Sichuan Province, Chen Yi joined the CPC in 1923 and set up the No. 4 Division of the Red Army along with Zhu and Mao after setbacks in the Nanchang Uprising in 1927.
Born in 1902 in Hengshan County, Hunan Province, Luo Ronghuan joined the CPC in 1927.
Born in 1901 in Wutai County, Shanxi Province, Xu Xiangqian joined the CPC in 1927.
Born in 1899 in Jiangjin City, Sichuan Province, Nie Rongzhen joined the CPC in 1923.
Born in 1897 in Meixian City, Guangdong Province, Ye Jianying joined the CPC in 1927 and was the PLA’s Chief of General Staff.