Xilin Gol Nature Reserve


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Xilin Gol Grassland of Inner Mongolia, the largest in China

Located in Dong Ujimqin Banner, the 1,078,600-ha Xilin Gol Nature Reserve (锡林郭勒草原自然保护区) offers a typical natural prairie landscape. Established in 1985, it was China's first national nature reserve to protect the prairie ecosystem.

A broad and flat basin among low hills, the place consists of shimmering grass stretching to the horizon broken here and there by river-fed lakes, ponds and brooks. It contains some wetlands, surrounded by patches of grasslands, forests and brush, which are home to many species of wildlife. It is home to 625 species of higher plants, most being superior forage grasses and medicinal plants, many of which are endemic to the Mongolian Plateau.

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