Spring rolls


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Spring rolls (春卷)

Spring rolls (春卷) are traditional Chinese food. The filling of spring rolls could be vegetables or meat, and the taste could be either sweet or savory. After fillings are wrapped in spring roll wrappers, the next step is frying. Then the spring rolls are given their golden yellow color. Spring rolls get the name because they are traditionally eaten during the Spring Festival celebration period.

The following is the direction for making a kind of spring rolls of shredded vegetables.


1. Shredded celeries 175 grams

2. Shredded carrots 175 grams

4. Bean sprouts 450 grams

Spring rolls (春卷)

5. Shredded mushrooms 10 grams

6. Mashed garlic 20 grams

7. Sesame oil 3 ml

8. Salt 2 grams

9. Soy sauce 5 ml

10. Curry powder 1 gram

11. Sugar 1 gram

12. Rapeseed oil 5 ml

14. Egg 1

15. Spring roll wrappers 18


Spring rolls (春卷)

1. Fry the shredded celeries, carrots, and mushroom with curry powder, sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil

2. Mix the vegetables with other ingredients

3. Put spring roll wrappers on the table and brush egg liquid on each wrapper

4. Wrap the vegetables with the wrappers

5. Fry the wrapped spring rolls in the pot till the surface become golden yellow

6. This kind of spring rolls can be eaten by dipping in various flavorings.

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