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Frost forms on leaves when water vapor meets cold air.

Shuangjiang (霜降) reflects a weather phenomenon. In fact, frost forms on the ground when water vapor meets cold air. So, Shuangjiang does not refer to the fall of frost, but the phenomenon of cold weather when hoar-frost appears.


However, this does not mean that frost is seen everywhere in China. It is still too early in south China when the temperature is around 16℃ (60.8oF) on the day of Shuangjiang, while in the valley areas in south China the hoar-frost doesn't appear until winter comes. Even in the areas with the same latitude, it is not the same, due to different terrains and different altitudes.


It is the busy time for farmers to harvest rice and plant wheat and rape. They have to finish the harvesting and planting in good time, neither too early nor too late since the weather changes very quickly.


At Shuangjiang, it means that it has entered late autumn. To prevent from illnesses, like cough and chronic bronchitis, people should pay attention to their diet with more fruits and vegetables like pears, apples, olives, onions, ginkgo fruits and mustard leaves for this period.

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