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China's Rail High-Speed train

China Railway High-Speed (CRH 中国高铁) is a high-speed rail system operated by China Railways. Trains running on this system, named CRH 1, 2, 3 and 5, also known as the bullet train or the D Train, were produced based on imported models and technology and given the designation "Harmony."

CRH series trains, capable of achieving speeds of 200 kp/h and above, played an important role in the sixth national railway speedup of China implemented on April 18, 2007. Instead of being driven by single engines, CRH trains are equipped with multiple engines embedded inside separate coaches. Each coach is fitted with special glass, which is also injury-proof in the event of shattering.

The CRH series now runs at speeds of around 200 km per hour and on some sections of the track at 250 km per hour, reducing journey time by an average of two hours. The annual cargo capacity has also increased from 150 million tons to 250 million tons. The introduction of the CRH series can be seen as a milestone in China's railway history, a path-breaking event that puts the country right on top with France, Germany and Japan, the world leaders in rail technology.

By 2020, bullet trains will steam along 130,000 km of track, over a third of the nation's rail network.

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