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The name Badachu means Eight Great Sites, and refers to the eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi hills at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills Scenic Area.

Located on the outskirts of Beijing, the sites were restored during the 1980's and have since become a popular destination, both for pilgrims and tourists.

The park is famous for its eight ancient Buddhist temples and monasterie: Changan Temple (Temple of Eternal Peace), Lingguang Temple (Temple of Divine Light), Sanshan Nunnery (Three-hill Nunnery), Dabei Temple (Temple of Great Mercy), Dragon Spring Nunnery (Dragon Spring Nunnery), Xiangjie Temple (The Temple of the Fragrant World), Pearl Cave (The Cave of Precious Pearl), and Zhengguo Temple. (More...)

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