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March 1
The late spring chill (倒春寒)

The late spring chill (倒春寒) refers to the capricious weather in the late spring, in which the steady temperature rise may be interrupted by a sudden cold front, accompanied by strong winds and freezing rain. (More...)

March 2

Wuzhen (乌镇) is a historic canal town south-west of Shanghai. Located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, the traditional feel, style, features and structures of a typical town in this region of lakes and rivers have been well kept. The streets of Wuzhen run alongside rivers with bridges for intersections. Houses are built along the rivers, and they are typically imposing dwellings with spacious courtyards, overlapping roofs and high eaves. Other structures apart from houses run along the rivers, like docks, walkways, workshops, commercial buildings, and pavilions, some on the water. The town presents a picture of primitive simplicity, brightness, orderliness, peace and seclusion. (More...)

March 3
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, includes a range of traditional medical practices originating in China. Although well accepted in the mainstream of medical care throughout East Asia, it is considered an alternative medical system in much of the western world. (More...)

March 4
West Lake

Lying in Hangzhou, the West Lake (西湖) is a world famous tourist spot. Embraced by green hills on three sides, the lake covers an area of 5.6 sq. km and has a perimeter of 15 km. (More...)

March 5

Jingzhe (惊蛰) reflects the phenological phenomenon. The temperature rises continuously after Jingzhe. The ice on the land has melted, and thunders may be heard for the first time in the year. Hibernating animals and insects are awakened, as the term so named, and start to come up out of cave or earth for activities. (More...)

March 6
Lei Feng (1940-1922)

Lei Feng (雷锋) was a model of wholeheartedly serving the people. He was born into a poor peasant family in Wangcheng County, Hunan Province, in 1940 and was orphaned at the age of seven. (More...)

March 7
The "Belt and Road" initiative

The term "Belt and Road" initiative (一带一路) is used to refer to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" initiatives.

The “Silk Road Economic Belt” concept was introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Kazakhstan in September 2013. It is slated to boost cooperation along the ancient Silk Road trade route that stretches northwest from China's coastal area through Central Asia, the Middle East and on to Europe. (More... )

March 8

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March 9

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March 10

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March 11

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March 12

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March 13

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March 14

The Cherry Blossom Festival (樱花节) at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing is usually held from March to April. People can enjoy nearly 2,000 cherry trees in full blossom as well as fine bonsais and rare stones. (More...)


March 15

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March 16

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March 17

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March 18

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March 19
Spring rolls.

Spring roll (春卷) is a traditional Chinese food especially popular during the Spring Festival period. The filling of spring rolls could be vegetables or meat, and the taste could be either sweet or savory. (More...)

March 20
Chunfen is one of the 24 solar terms.

Chunfen (春分) reflects the changing of seasons. The day of Chunfen falls on March 20 this year. On this day, so as on Qiufen in autumn, the sun shines directly on the equator, making the days and nights equal in length everywhere in the world. After Chunfen, the days are longer and the nights shorter. (More...)

March 21

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March 22

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March 23

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March 24

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March 25

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March 26

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March 27

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March 28

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March 29

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March 30

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March 31
Ancient town Luzhi, Jiangsu

With a history of over two millennia, Luzhi (甪直古镇) is one of the six ancient water towns in southeastern China most famous for their rich cultural traditions. It is located about 25 km south of Suzhou and is under the jurisdiction of Kunshan, a county administrated by Suzhou's municipal government in Jiangsu Province. (More...)

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