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June 1
Hong Xiuquan

1864: Hong Xiuquan, leader of the Heavenly Peace Kingdom, a peasant uprising that took place in the mid-19th century, died.

1987: China Children's Film Studio was founded.

2012: Famous Redology scholar Zhou Ruchang died at the age of 95. Zhou published dozens of works exclusively devoted to the "Dream of the Red Chamber."


June 2
Wang Guowei

1903: Chinese writer Feng Xuefeng was born.

1927: Chinese scholar Wang Guowei drowned himself in Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace.

1990: China released first annual environment report.


June 3
Zhang Xueliang

1901: General Zhang Xueliang was born.

1953: Buddhist Association of China was founded.


June 4
Zhang Zuolin

1928: Warlord Zhang Zuolin was killed by a bomb planted by a Japanese army officer.

1998: China Internet users exceeded 1 million.


June 5
World Environment Day

1972: The first World Environment Day was commemorated.

1972: China established diplomatic relations with Greece.


June 6
Yuan Shikai

1916: Yuan Shikai died in Beijing.

1994: A China Northwest Airlines passenger plane crashed near Xi'an, killed 160.


June 7
Yang Hansheng

1956: Chen Jingkai, a weightlifter from Guangdong, broke the world record in Shanghai.

1993: Playwright Yang Hansheng died.


June 8
Liu Tianhua

1932: Chinese musician Liu Tianhua died.

1950: China established diplomatic relations with Myanmar.

2003: Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world, started construction.


June 9
National flag of the Philippines

1975: China established diplomatic relations with the Philippines.

1992: China established diplomatic relations with Georgia.


June 10
Zhu Jianhua

223: Liu Bei, king of the State of Shu (221-263) in the Three Kingdoms period, died in Baidi City.

1984: Zhu Jianhua broke the men's high-jump world record for the third time.


June 11
Shen Junru

1898: Hundred Days' Reform

1963: Shen Junru died.


June 12
Hua Luogeng

1952: Beijing People's Art Theater was founded.

1978: Guo Moruo died.

1985: Chinese mathematician Hua Luogeng died.


June 13
Xian Xinghai

1858: Qing government signed the Treaty of Tianjin with Russia.

1905: Chinese musician Xian Xinghai was born.


June 14
Zhang Taiyan

1936: Scholar Zhang Taiyan died.

1934: Song of the Fishermen hit the screen. The movie played for 84 straight days in Shanghai and it is also the first Chinese movie to win a prize in an international film festival (in Moscow).


June 15
Ye Shenglan

1978: Peking Opera artist Ye Shenglan passed away.

1991:Catastrophic floods hit east China's Yangtze-Huaihe River valley. 70% of the population in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces was affected.

2001:Establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)


June 16
Emperor Taizong

649 AD: Emperor Taizong of Tang died.

1924: Whampoa Military Academy was officially opened.

1992: The cabinet decided to accelerate the development of the service sector with 13 supporting policies and measures.

1994: White Paper on Protection of Intellectual Property was released.


June 17
Central Conservatory of Music

1950: Central Conservatory of Music was founded.

1967: China exploded its first hydrogen bomb.


June 18
Li Yuan

618: Li Yuan founded Tang Dynasty (618-907).

1858: Qing government signed the Treaty of Tianjin with the United States of America.


June 19
Xia Nai

1925: Canton-Hong Kong Strike

1985: Chinese archaeologist Xia Nai died.


June 20
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge

1991: Shaanxi History Museum opened.

1991: Shanghai Nanpu Bridge completed construction.


June 21
Liu Yazi

1958: Chinese poet Liu Yazi died.

1992: Li Xiannian, Chairman of the Seventh National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), died.


June 22
Xiao Jun

1979: China established diplomatic relations with Ireland.

1988: Chinese writer Xiao Jun died.


June 23
Liang Suming

1894: International Olympic Committee was founded.

1988: Chinese educator Liang Suming died.


June 24
Ma Yinchu

1882: Chinese demographer Ma Yinchu was born.


June 25
Liu Kaiqu

1975: China established diplomatic relations with Mozambique.

1993: Chinese artist Liu Kaiqu died.

1998: U.S. President Bill Clinton started official visit to China.

2009: Michael Jackson died.


June 26
Deng Xiaoping

1946: China's War of Liberation broke out.

1983: Deng Xiaoping first proposed the "one country, two systems" principle.


June 27
He Xiangning

1858: China signed the Treaty of Tianjin with France.

1878: He Xiangning was born.

1915: Chinese actor Zhao Dan was born.


June 28
Qian Sanqiang

1840: Opium war broke out.

1992: Chinese scientist Qian Sanqiang died.


June 29
Zheng He

1435: Zheng He, a Chinese explorer, died.

1994: China established diplomatic relations with Andorra.


June 30
Ming Tombs Reservoir

1958: Ming Tombs Reservoir completed construction.

1976: China established diplomatic relations with Seychelles.


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