CIIC:Privacy policy


Jump to: navigation, search asks you to provide your e-mail address so that we can contact you if you forget your password. We will never share your information or e-mail address without your express permission.

For all legal users of the Site, will protect the user's privacy and will never publicize, edit or reveal the user's personal information and the information preserved in the Site without the user's authorization, except in the event of one of the following situations:

(1) The user has disobeyed or is disobeying rules and regulations or terms in the Agreement;

(2) A related legal department requests information to be put on record;

(3) To protect the rights, property and safety of individuals and the public;

(4) To assist the claim of the third party whose rights were infringed upon;

(5) To protect common interests of users and society;

(6) To protect the legal rights of;

(7) To get specific authorization by users in advance; or

(8) To be in line with other related requirements.

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