All-China Women's Federation


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Emblem of the All-China Women's Federation

Established in March 1949, the All-China Women's Federation (中华全国妇女联合会) is an organization of women who are a major force in building socialism with Chinese characteristics. It works hard to unite and educate women, implement the basic lines of the CPC and play an active role in the building of socialist material and spiritual civilizations. The basic functions of the federation are to represent and safeguard the rights and interests of women and promote the equality between men and women.

The federation's highest organ of power is its All-China Conference of Women Representatives which is held once every five years. The conference elects the council of the All-China Women's Federation. When the conference is not in session, the council implements the decisions of the conference, discusses and decides major issues in women's work. The council convenes annually.

The council elects a chairwoman, vice chairwomen and standing committee members who together form the Standing Committee of the council. The Standing Committee is the leading organ when the council is not in session. The Standing Committee sets up a secretariat consisting of the first secretary and several secretaries, all elected by the Standing Committee members, to be in charge of the daily routine work.

The highest organ of power of local women's federations at various levels is the local women's conferences, which are held once every five years. Local women's conferences elect their councils which consist of a chairwoman, vice chairwomen and standing committee members, to form standing committees to take charge of the daily routine work. At the township and neighborhood committee level, the council is led by a director instead of a standing committee.

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