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Yushui (雨水) reflects the weather phenomenon, indicating that there will be more rain after this day and the volume of rainfall will soon increase.


Although spring has come, it is still very cold before Yushui, as a poem describes, "It's normal to see snowflakes, but hard to hear the sound of rainfall." When Yushui comes, snow tends to stop, frost ceases, and more rain begins to fall. Gentle breeze, wet air, warm sunshine, drizzling and flowers blossoming symbolize the true coming of spring.


Yushui is the time for spring plowing and tree planting. However, the weather is unpredictable, and the temperature changes frequently. It is still possible that strong cold air may suddenly visit, making the temperature drop to around 0℃ (32 oF), and may also bring snow. But in most areas in southern China, the temperature could be above 10℃ (50 oF), even 20℃ (68 oF) or higher. Farmers do not like the sudden change of weather because it is no good to crops.