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Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen

Ye Shiwen (叶诗文) is a Chinese swimmer who won the women's 400m individual medley at the London Olympic Games on July 28, 2012. She broke the world record with 4:28.43. She also won the 200 m individual medley in both the 14th FINA World Championships and the London Olympics.

Born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on Mar 1, 1996, this 16 year-old girl is the youngest swimming champion since 1978.

Ye started training at the age of 6. Her former trainer Wei Wei trusted that she belonged to the sport at her first glance. "She is unique and her movement ability is very strong. Her hands and feet are much larger than other kids at her age, which is a great natural advantage," Wei Wei said. After five years learning, Ye became a versatile swimmer competent in all four major swimming strokes.

"Although she is a young girl, Ye is eager to excel. No matter how much practice you make her do, she will finish it," Wei Wei said.

In 2006, the 10-year-old Ye won the 50m freestyle at the Zhejiang Games. In September 2007, she joined the Zhejiang Provincial Swimming Team.

In 2008, she entered the national swimming team. In April of 2010, she won the 200 m individual medley at the national championships in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. This was her first national competition.

In 2010 at the FINA Swimming World Cup (Beijing Leg), she won three golds, including the 200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medley and 100 m freestyle.

Major achievements:

In 2010:

Chinese Nationals – 1st 200 m individual medley;

China Water Games – 1st 200 m individual medley; 3rd 400 m individual medley;

FINA Swimming World Cup (Beijing Leg) – 1st 200 m individual medley; 1st 400 m individual medley; 1st 100 m freestyle;

Asian Games – 1st 200 m individual medley; 1st 400 m individual medley; World Championships (25 m) – 2nd 200 m individual medley; 2nd 400 m individual medley;

Chinese Nationals – 1st 200 m individual medley; 1st 4×200 m freestyle relay;

In 2011:

World Aquatics Championships – 1st 200 m individual medley.

In 2012:

London Olympic Games - gold 400m individual medley

London Olympic Games- gold 200m individual medley

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