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Xiaohan (小寒) is one of 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, reflecting the changing of four seasons.

In the period from Xiaohan to Dahan, it has entered the depth of winter; however, sometimes it is colder at Xiaohan than at Dahan. The real freezing winter in most parts of China is about 81 days long counting from Dongzhi until spring comes.

The coldest area in China is the northern part of Heilongjiang Province, with the lowest temperature of -40℃ (-40oF). In the dead of winter there, dripping water freezes immediately and even one's breath turns to frost. On the contrary, the temperature is normally higher than -5℃ (23oF) in the south of the Yangtze River and above 0℃ (32oF) in the southern part of south China. The warm winter weather provides the best environment for the growth of tropical and subtropical fruits like orange, banana, and mango.