Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League

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 Taiwan Self-Government League (TSL for short) was founded in Hong Kong on November 12, 1947. It is composed of public figures from Taiwan as a political alliance of socialist workers and patriots supporting socialism, a political party serving socialism and participating in the political life of the country in full cooperation with the Communist Party of China.

The program of TSL is: by taking the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China as the supreme criteria for all of its activities and guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, to firmly implement the basic line of the Communist Party of China for the initial stage of socialism. Its primary task is to hold high the banner of patriotism and socialism, unite with all of its members and the compatriots in Taiwan they keep in contact with and strive to help accelerate the pace of the reform and opening and socialist modernization, to maintain the political situation of stability and unity, further to perfect socialist democracy and legality and for the realization of “one state, two systems” and the peaceful reunification of the fatherland.

Since China entered the new epoch of reforms and opening to the outside world, the TSL under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory has been resolutely performing its duties as a party participating in the political life of the country, actively playing its role in discussing and joining in the management of state affairs and exercising democratic supervision, supporting the Communist Party of China’s guideline for a peaceful reunification of the fatherland, working with dedication for the great cause of the unity of the fatherland and in a resolute struggle against all secessionist opinions and activities. Along with the furthering of the country’s reform and opening, the League has been working with untiring efforts to unite around it all its members and the broad masses of compatriots in Taiwan it keeps in touch with and striving untiringly to contribute to the socialist modernization and fatherland reunification.

The chairpersons of Taiwan Self-Government League: former chairpersons: Xie Xuehong (female), Cai Xiao, Su Ziheng, Cai Zimin, and Zhang Kehui; and current Chairperson: Lin Wenyi (f); Honorary Chairperson: Zhang Kehui, and vice chairpersons: Liu Yiming, Wu Guozhen, and Li Minkuan, and Secretary General Zhang Huajun.