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  • the hinterland moved in during the [[Qin]] and [[Han]] Dynasties. ('''[[Guangdong Cuisine|More ...]]''' )
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  • ...Luo Fuhe]]Born in 1949, of [[Han]] nationality, native of [[Guangzhou]], [[Guangdong Province]]. Studied at the Guangdong Agriculture and Forestry College in 1973-1976.
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  • ...n comprises nine schools. They are the [[Beijing]], [[Shandong]], Sichuan, Guangdong, [[Fujian]], Huai Yang, [[Hubei]], [[Hunan]], and [[Jiangsu]] [[Zhejiang]]
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  • ...n Ruo''' ('''林若''') (Oct., 1924-Oct. 7, 2012) once stood at the head of [[Guangdong Province]]. Until this day he remains best known for his supportive role in ...ina]] ([[CPC]]) and became a local party cadre after the founding of [[the People’s Republic of China]] ([[PRC]]).
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  • ...d joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in December 1973. He graduated from the Department of Economics at Xiamen University with a major in planning a 1970-1971 Worker, Logistics Department, Guangdong Maoming Petroleum Company (GMPC) under the Ministry of Petroleum Industry
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  • ...mb|left|Ma Man kei]]Born in October 1919, ethnic Han, native of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. ...sia University of Macao, and honorary doctor's degree by Jinan University, Guangdong.
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  • ...d joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in December 1976. Li graduated from Department of History, Jilin University where he completed an undergraduate Chairman, Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial People's Congress
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  • '''Zeng Guoqiang''' (曾国强) from [[Guangdong Province]] won a gold medal in the 52kg weight division event at the 23rd O [[category:sports]][[category:people]]
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  • ...nese war of resistance against Japan, he wrote vocal works that encouraged people to fight the invaders. [[Xian Xinghai|(More...)]]
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  • ...nan]] provinces soon announced their succession with wide support from the people. Discord also began to surface inside the government. The accumulating pres
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  • ...tary-general of the [[Guangdong]] provincial government, has been expelled from the [[Communist Party of China]] and relieved of public office due to serio ...g, [[Hainan]] Province, Xie graduated with an MA in 1984. He worked in the Guangdong provincial Party committee and government in 1992, successively serving as
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  • Zhong was born on March 20, 1903, in Haifeng County, [[Guangdong Province]]. He joined the Zhongshan University faculty in 1927, where he or [[Category:scholars]][[Category:people from Guangdong]]
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  • ...odai''' in [[Sichuan Province]] dates back to the third century. [[Hakka]] people make up over 85% of the local population and they still persist in their tr]] government launched a century-long campaign to move people to Sihcuan from neighboring areas. Gradually, Sichuan got the largest community of Hakkas b
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  • ...ed as refuges in this once bandit-plagued region. Many were built by local people who had gone abroad to seek their fortunes. [[File:Kaiping Diaolou and Villages.jpg|thumb|Kaiping Diaolou and Villages,Guangdong Province,2007,World Cultural Heritage]]
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  • ...tes, and some have been eliminated out of respect for the eating habits of people in other areas, but some strange foods still remain. ...oser contacts with the hinterland. As Western culture has been introduced, Guangdong cuisine has absorbed the cooking skills of the West as well as the cooking
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  • Hung grew up in a family of Cantonese opera performers in Kaiping City, [[Guangdong]] Province. She moved to [[Hong Kong]] during World WarⅡand started her o In 1955, Hung and Ma settled in [[Guangzhou]] where they led many Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe productions. Hung remained on the Chinese mainland f
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  • ...ang Autonomous Region]], and a small number live on [[Hainan]] Island in [[Guangdong Province]] and in southwest [[Hubei Province]]. Most of them live in tightl
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  • .... His Southern Sect brought Buddhism closer to the everyday life of common people, and also produced an evident impact on literature, arts, and the Confucian [[category:people]]
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  • [[File:Lsq1.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Shortly after the founding of the People's Republic of China, Liu Shaoqi (L) and Mao Zedong inspect a parade on the ...ina '''[[Sun Yat-sen]]''' was born to a poor family in Xiangshan County, [[Guangdong]] province.
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  • ...1. He graduated from Peking Union Medical College in 1929, and got his PhD from the New York State University. ...returned to China, he held such positions as the president of the Beijing People’s Hospital and Beijing Friendship Hospital, director and research fellow
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  • '''Ye Jianying''' ('''叶剑英''') was one of the founders of the [[People's Liberation Army]] in [[China]]. He held many important offices in the [[C ...ollowing Dr. [[Sun Yat-sen]]. In [[1922]], Ye and his troops saved Dr. Sun from the military coup that Chen Chiung-ming masterminded.
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  • ...ok and trash collector on a street lined with hardware shops in Foshan, [[Guangdong Province]]. ...Just minutes later, she was run over again by another vehicle. Another 15 people passed. But still none went to her aid.
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  • ...nese war of resistance against Japan, he wrote vocal works that encouraged people to fight the invaders. In 1938, he became dean of the Music Department at t [[category:people]]
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  • Liu won a bronze medal from 50m backstroke in 2015 World Championships in Kazan. [[Category: People]][[Category: Swimming]][[Category: People from Guangdong]]
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  • 1988 vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 7th National People's Congress ([[NPC]]). 1979 governor of Guangdong Province
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  • The "'''Chinese way of crossing the road'''" ('''中国式过马路''') refers to the people's tendency of getting together in large crowds at the crossroads and then c ...easoning that the law cannot be enforced when everyone is an offender, and people just act in conformity with the majority regardless of traffic rules.
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  • ...'s team getting ran out of the match. Yi joined the youth training team of Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club and became a professional player at the age of 13. His national fame began peaking at age 18 as he helped Guangdong Hongyuan to claim three titles in the following five seasons.
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  • ...orce in January 1969 and joined the [[CPC]] in February 1983. He graduated from the University Regular Class at the Department of History at Northwest Univ 1989-1993 Vice governor; and member, Leading Party Members' Group; of People's Construction Bank of China (09/1992 - 11/1992: student, Further Studies C
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  • Chinese badminton player '''Fu Haifeng''' ('''傅海峰''') was born in Jieyang, Guangdong Province on Aug 23, 1983. During the [ Fu is a left-handed player. He joined the Guangdong Badminton Team in 1998 and was a men's single badminton player before 2002,
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  • ...21, 2009|September 21]], [[1999]], claiming 1,674 lives and injuring 3,924 people by 10 am the same day. ...sing. The earthquake also affected the mainland provinces of [[Fujian]], [[Guangdong]], [[Zhejiang]], and [[Jiangxi]].
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  • ...rage them to fight for their own rights, as well as to liberate themselves from social injustice, Peng Pai burned all the title deeds of his inherited land ...ement. He was elected vice chairman of the Guangdong Peasants'Association. From May to September in 1926, when Mao Zedong was the director of the sixth ter
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  • ...and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in April 1983. He graduated from Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University where he c ...the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee.
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  • ...Principles]]," which embodied the values of nationalism, democracy and the people's livelihood. ...n of the Republic of China, the first of its kind in China. Under pressure from capitalism and feudal powers, he resigned his presidency on Feb. 13 and [[Y
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  • ...d the "message cake" as the main food in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. From then on, moon cake has always played an important role in the festival's ce ...on cakes to choose from, and those hailing from [[Beijing]], Suzhou, and [[Guangdong]] tend to be most popular. What's especially important in moon cakes is the
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  • ...his period, Tao founded the Red Army guerilla unit in south Fujian and the People's Military Force in east Fujian. He was arrested by the [[Kuomintang]] in [ Column of the Northeast Field Army. During the Peiping-Tianjin campaign from November 29, 1948, to January 31, 1949, Tao entered Peiping (former name of
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  • ...mer senior police officer in the Panyu District of Guangzhou, capital of [[Guangdong Province]], was sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison on Sept. 12, 201 Cai was born in 1957. From 2000 to May 2008, Cai had successively held several posts in Guangzhou's Pa
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  • ...dy and compact layout represents the unique living conditions of the Hakka people and their harmonious laidback lifestyle. The former residence of [[Zhang Bi ...Hakka earth buildings if you like to experience local life, price varying from 120 to 168 yuan.<br>
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  • the Department of Economics at Kim Il Sung University in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and has a university education. ...ntral Committee]] and chairman of the Standing Committee of the [[National People's Congress]] (NPC).
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  • ...e [[CPC]] in September 1965 and began working in September 1966. Graduated from the Department of Electric Machinery of [[Harbin Institute of Technology]], ...l Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress
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  • ...Qiang displays his tattoo in front of the Japanese consulate in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on June 11, 2014]] ...splaying his tattoo in front of the Japanese consulate in [[Guangzhou]], [[Guangdong]] province, as a show of anger at Japan.
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  • It represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of China. ...lerate reform and opening-up during an investigation tour in south China's Guangdong Province in January 1992.
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  • '''Zhang Yanquan''' (张雁全), born in 1994 in [[Guangdong Province]], is a male diver with the Chinese national swimming team. He won ...2003, he was picked up by the Guangzhou City diving team and later joined Guangdong’s provincial diving squad. In 2008, he was recruited by the Chinese natio
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  • ...son of immigrants from Hong Kong, and traces&nbsp;his ancestry to southern Guangdong province. His grandfather, from southern China's Guangdong province, first came to America to work as a houseboy in a Washington state
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  • the [[Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods]] (770-221 BC), people began to paint dragon heads, scales and tails on wooden boats. This was the Chinese dragon boat racing enjoys great popularity among the people. When a race is held, participants and spectators are numbered in the thous
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  • '''Pan Handian''' ('''潘汉典''')was born in 1920 in [[Guangzhou]], [[Guangdong Province]], and is a well-known master of comparative law and the pioneer o Pan graduated from the Institute of Comparative Law, [[Soochow University]], and received a Ma
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  • [[File:Liao Dan (廖丹).JPEG|thumb|260px|right|Liao Dan shows the receipt from the court.]] the help of public donations, he repaid the money at Dongcheng District People's Court on July 17, 2012, with the hope of receiving a more lenient sentenc
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  • ...initial openness to the outside world which charted a new era of learning from the West. ...e [[Daoguang Emperor]] in late 1838 to halt the illegal importing of opium from the British. He arrived in March 1839 and made a huge impact on the opium t
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  • ...Zhenglong''' ('''周正龙'''), a famer from [[Shaanxi Province]], was released from prison upon completion of his sentence on Apr. 27, 2012. His scandal of fak ...Wencai Village and lived with his new bride's family. He then traveled to Guangdong and Shanghai to do construction work.
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  • ...a]] ([[CPC]]) in December 1965 and began working in August 1960. Graduated from Missile Engineering Department of [[Harbin Military Engineering Institute]] 1965-1972: Technician of the Air Force of the Chinese [[People's Liberation Army]] ([[PLA]])
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  • '''Major area of distribution''': [[Fujian]], [[Zhejiang]], [[Jiangxi]] and [[Guangdong]] The 709,592 Shes are scattered in hejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces. They live in villages of several dozen households or live along
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  • '''Ren Rongrong''' ( '''任溶溶''') was born in 1923 in Heshan, [[Guangdong Province]], and is an outstanding writer and translator of children's liter Ren graduated from Department of Chinese Literature at the Great China University in 1945. He
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  • ...d children abroad first and then continued to transfer the money they took from China. ...implemented a registration management in regards to its "naked officials" from 2011, adding an additional system would be introduced for officials to decl
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  • ...ang Yang''' ('''汪洋'''), male, Han ethnicity, was born in March 1955 and is from Suzhou, Anhui Province. He began his first job in June 1972 and joined the Secretary, CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee
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  • ...[Supreme People’s Court]], during the first session of the 12th [[National People's Congress]] in March 2013. ...he was sent off to the rural Dushan Community of Huangmei for re-education from 1976 to 1978.
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  • Born in rural Shantou, [[Guangdong Province]], on October 29, 1971, Ma moved with his family to Shenzhen in 19 ...founded Tencent with his friend Zhang Zhidong. When faced with competition from other small IT companies, Ma attempted to sell the company, but negotiation
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  • Born into a literary family in [[Guangdong]], Huang was sent to be educated in Hong Kong, then a British colony, at th ...elf-proclaimed pro-communist revolutionary, which prompted his conversion from Kuomintang member to supporter of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
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  • ...lness. In 2007, he was selected by the Shenzhen municipal sports team of [[Guangdong Province]] and gained a place on the Chinese track and field team in 2009. [[Category:people]][[Category:sports]][[Category:Chinese athletes]]
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  • ...China]] conferred the rank of [[Great Marshal]] to 10 leaders of the [[PLA|People's Liberation Army (PLA)]]. At the time the [[PLA]] used four [[military ran [[File:10.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Born in 1897 in Meixian City, Guangdong Province, Ye Jianying joined the CPC in 1927 and was the PLA’s Chief of G
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  • ...ity, [[Sichuan Province]]. She has a younger brother. Except for suffering from epilepsy, Zhang has a hot temper and is said to be of an reticent and eccen ...from junior secondary school in 2008, Zhang went on to work in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. She returned to her hometown the following year and became a call
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  • ...stamp issued for the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Dragon (Loong), starting from Jan.23 in line with the [[Gregorian calendar]]. ...s round bulging eyes, two sets of sharp teeth and four open claws, derives from the pattern on "dragon robes" worn by Chinese emperors in the [[Qing Dynast
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  • ...the Party after the event. The Soviet Army military adviser M. F. Kumanin from the 20th Army was also among the leaders. ...ttack upon Nanchang. Facing the counter-attack, the uprising army withdrew from Nanchang on Aug. 3 to look for further forces and foreign aid, according to
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  • ...hairman of the Second, Third and Fourth National Committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ([[CPPCC]]). Zhou was born on March 5, 1898 in Huai'an, [[Jiangsu Province]]. He graduated from Tianjin Nankai Secondary School in 1917. In the autumn of the same year, he
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  • A related official at the [[People's Bank of China]] received an interview on Nov. 10th 2011. At that time, he ...92.56 billion yuan, according to statistics from the Wenzhou branch of the People's Bank of China (PBOC).
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  • ...sion system''' ('''退休双轨制''') is the peculiar product of China's transition from a planned economy to a market-oriented one. It refers to different pension ...n of different pension institutions according to different posts. Retirees from government bodies and institutions retire with pensions paid by the public
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  • ...cts in China's [[10th Five-Year Plan]] (2001-05), is aimed to transfer gas from the west through to the eastern coast. The pipeline not only serves to alle ...d 42 billion cubic meters of gas to 3,000 factories and nearly 200 million people over the past five years.
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  • ...CPC Central Committee]] since 1949. Xue attended primary school in Beijing from 1959 to 1965. Xue's investment career began with property investment in the U.S., from which he made US$1 million which formed the seed money for his subsequent i
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  •, Dongfang and other counties under its jurisdiction; others live among people of the [[Han]] and Hui ethnic groups in other parts of the island. ...and abundant rainfall. Coconut palms and rubber trees line the beaches and people in some places reap three crops of rice a year and grow maize and sweet pot
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  • Born in January 8, 1981 in Guangdong Province, Xie enrolled into the Youth Team of the National Team in 1998. Wi ideas," he says. "I think our relationship hasn't taken away time from training, but instead helps us improve."
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  • ...acau]], [[Guangzhou]], [[Guilin]], [[Chongqing]] and [[Kunming]] to escape from the damage caused by war. Her father suggested they go to the U.S. to study ...i-Japanese Aggression War ended, Chen graduated from Lingnan University in Guangdong Province, whereupon she was hired as the only female journalist by Central
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  • Born in a small town on the [[Leizhou Peninsula]] near [[Zhenjiang]] in [[Guangdong Province]] in 1942, he became an amateur diver at 15. He won his first gold [[category:sports]][[category:people]]
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  • ...n comprises nine schools. They are the [[Beijing]], [[Shandong]], Sichuan, Guangdong, [[Fujian]], Huai Yang, [[Hubei]], [[Hunan]], and [[Jiangsu]] [[Zhejiang]] ...d in Chinese food being classified into the palace, officials', and common people's cuisines.
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  • ...a coastal island tucked into the southern corner of the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province. Adjacent to Macao, which is no more than 200 meters away, the isl ...will enjoy more preferential policies than the previous economic zones in Guangdong Province.
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  • ...n R. Zierath, chairman of the Nobel Committee, said that Tu's "inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine" was important. "But what was really critical ...days thanks to Tu's success is the Luofu Mountain scenic area in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where Ge Hong, a TCM master of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-34
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  • ...erved as the Guangzhou-based ''New Express'' reporter since his graduation from college in 2009. ...fabricated information and wrote more than 10 reports without verification from Sept. 29 2012 to Aug. 8 2013, based on materials supplied to him about Zoom
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  • ...eunion, just like Christmas in the West. No matter how far away people are from their homes, they will try their best to get back to have the [[Lunar New Y ...imbed up to the shore only on New Year's Eve to devour the cattle and kill people.
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  • ...the Ice-drinking Room), was born on [[February 23]], 1873 in [[Xinhui]], [[Guangdong Province]]. By the time he was six years old, he had already read the ''[[F [[category:people]]
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  • ..., attending middle school in [[Hong Kong]] and [[Lingnan University]] in [[Guangdong Province]]. ...1948 and a feature writer for the ''Hsin Ming Daily News'' in [[Shanghai]] from 1944 to 1949.
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  • People's War of Resistance Against Japan.JPEG|thumb|right|270px|Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan [File photo].]] ...our-fifths of the world population at that time) were involved in the war. People who had experienced that unheard-of calamity will never forget those days w
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  • '''Major area of distribution''': [[Guangxi]], [[Hunan]], [[Yunnan]], [[Guangdong]] and [[Guizhou]] ...m live in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the rest in Hunan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guizhou and Jiangxi provinces.
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  • Most of China's 2,971,460 Bouyei people live in several Bouyei-Miao autonomous counties in Xingyi and Anshun prefec The Bouyei region is on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, which slopes from an altitude of 1,000 meters in the north to 400 meters in the south. The Mi
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  • ...n and Wang Chongyang). The Eight Immortals are all household names but few people would be able to give a clear outline of the true backgrounds of the eight. ...until Wu Yuantai wrote Journey to the East, Where the Eight Immortals Came from (Baxian Chuchu Dongyou Ji 八仙出处东游记) during the Ming Dynasty th
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  • ...etching more than 1,800 kilometers from north and south and 900 kilometers from west to east. and lowering living standards there. To prevent the economic crisis from turning into social unrest, some neighboring countries chose to divert dome
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  • ...drop out, with 84 percent of the total number of related youngsters coming from the countryside. Each year, there are 1 million children deprived of educat .... The purpose of the foundation was to "help children with funds collected from society."
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  • ...ionists from the society attacked the government mansion of the Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi. Yet the uprising failed as 86 revolutionists were killed durin ...s death, Yuan began to expel KMT from the government and moved the capital from [[Nanjing]], [[Jiangsu Province]] to [[Beijing]]. Huang remained in Nanjing
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  •''' is a political party based on high and intermediate level personages from among returned overseas and their family dependents, featuring political al ...plunge into and give active support to the anti-Japanese war waged by the people of the motherland. In May 1947 Zhi Gong Dang held its 3rd congress at Hong
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  • ...ngxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and a small number live on Hainan Island in Guangdong Province and in southwest Hubei Province. Most of them live in tightly-knit ...e [[Qi]]n and [[Han]] dynasties 2,000 years ago, the ancestors of the Miao people lived in the western part of present-day Hunan and the eastern part of pres
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  • ...of the production activities of early man. On a colored ceramic jar dating from 5,000 years ago, excavated in northwest China's [[Qinghai Province]], is a ...r skin and personating a god. The latter, brandishing weapons, and led the people to the imperial palace to drive evil spirits away. Ceremonies to pray for a
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  • ..., screenwriter, film director and producer. He was elected a member of the Guangdong provincial [[CPPCC]] on Jan. 14, 2013. ...high school. At that same time, he was taking a TVB artist training class from which he graduated in 1983. He had several "walk-on" parts for the company
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  • on [[Guangdong]] Province, it locates 60km from [[Hong Kong]] and 145km from the city of [[Guangzhou]]. Local time is eight hours ahead of [[Greenwich M land reclamation along its coastline, [[Macao]] has grown in land area from 10.28km2 in the 19th century to 29.2 km2 today, which is equal to one-forti
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  • People's Congress and chairmen of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have visited Canada successively. Canad ...ackdown on crimes and three protocols on China's import of animal products from Canada. The visit attained the objective of deepening understanding, increa
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  • New Zealand]. The rest have settled in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guizhou and Hunan provinces. ...ound the world for its karst topography. Many rocky peaks rise straight up from the ground, and the peaks hide numerous fascinating grottoes and subterrane
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  • the southeast, the overall topography features a giant slope declining from northwest to southeast. Within the South China Karst area, the thick carbonate layers that deposited from Cambrian to Triassjc contain some globally significant fossils such as the
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  • ...istance of Hunan from east to west is 667 kilometers, while 774 kilometers from north to south and the total area is 211,800 square kilometers. Because mos ...e [[Yuanshui River]], and the [[Lishui River]] flow into the Dongting Lake from the southwest to northeast, connecting with the Yangtze River. The total qu
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