Qing Dynasty

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Established as Later Jin by the Manchu (descendants of the Jurchen) in 1616 and renamed Qing in 1636, the Qing Dynasty was the last feudal regime in Chinese history. From the time it entered central China and started to rule from Beijing in 1644, the Manchu dynasty lasted 268 years with 10 emperors. Its early rulers were open-minded and accomplished in political, economic and civil affairs, enabling the nation to enjoy the world's fastest-growing economy with the largest territory. However, in its later years, the Qing began to fall prey to the colonialism of Britain, France, and other industrialized Western countries. During the period weight loss pills of feudal-colonial society, visionary patriots started endeavors to seek a way out. One such example was the Westernization Movement, to "subdue the West by learning from them." Other responses ranged from self-improvement methods by adopting "a Westernized Chinese style," to radical revolutionary movements such as the "Hundred Days' Reform" in 1898. Finally, the Qing Dynasty was overthrown in the 1911 Revolution.