Ministry of Transport

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The Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry of Transport (交通部) An organ of the State Council in charge of highway and waterway transportation, the ministry has such major responsibilities as to formulate development strategies, policies, guidelines, regulations for highway and waterway industries and supervise their implementation, draw up development plans, long- and medium-term plans for highway and waterway transport industries and supervise their implementation, take charge of statistics and information guidance of the transport industry, take care of macro-control of the transportation of the country's key materials and urgent cargo and passengers, organize and implement engineering construction of key national highway and waterway transportation, guide the reform of the transportation industrial system; maintain the order of equal competition in the highway and waterway transportation industry, provide guidance to the optimization of the structure and concerted development of the transport industry; formulate scientific and technological policies, technical standards and specifications for the transport industry, organize key science and technology development projects and promote the technical progress of the transport industry.

The ministry consists of ten departments: the general affairs office, restructuring policy and regulation department, comprehensive planning department, finance department, labor and personnel department, highway department, waterway transportation department, science, technology and education department, international cooperation department and public security bureau.