Ministry of Railways

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The Ministry of Railways 铁道部

Major responsibilities of the Ministry of Railways (铁道部) are to formulate development strategy, policies, guidelines and regulations for the railway industry, map out unified national railway regulations and supervise their implementation; formulate the development plan of the railway industry, compile national railway annual plans and organize and supervise their implementation; take charge of industrial administration of railway construction; draw up railway industrial technical policies, standards and management regulations; and cultivate and standardize the railway transport market.

The ministry is made up of 12 departments: the general affairs office, policy and regulation department, development planning department, finance department, science, technology and education department, personnel department, labor and health department, construction administrative department, international cooperation department, safety supervision department, transport bureau, and public security bureau.

The National People's Congress, the Chinese parliament, adopted a cabinet reshuffle plan on March 14, 2013 to reduce the number of ministries under the State Council from 27 to 25 and several departments and agencies are reorganized.

According to the plan, the Ministry of Railways, which has long been at the center of controversy for being both a railway service provider and a railway industry watchdog, will be split into administrative and commercial units.

The state railway administration, to be supervised by the Ministry of Transport, will run the existing Railway Ministry's administrative functions, and the China Railway Corporation will run the existing Railway Ministry's commercial functions.

The state railway administration will be responsible for establishing railway technology standards, and supervising railway work safety, transport service quality and railway project quality.

The China Railway Corporation will be responsible for railway transportation dispatch and command, freight and passenger transport business management and railway construction.