Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

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The main responsibilities of the ministry are to formulate basic guidelines and policies for labor and social security work and the overall plan for reforming the labor and social security system, compile development plan and annual work plan for labor and social security undertakings and organize their implementation, draft labor and social security laws and regulations, stipulate administrative regulations and basic standards and organize their implementation and supervision, formulate administrative rules for service and consultation organs on labor and social security policies; represent the state to perform supervision and inspection functions concerning labor and social security, stipulate supervision and inspection standards and rules concerning labor and social security, supervise local labor and social security supervision and inspection organs; formulate basic polices and measures for promoting urban and rural employment, make plans for the development of the labor market, organize the establishment and improvement of employment service system; formulate national standards for the classification of trades and vocational capabilities, formulate and promulgate related trade and industrial standards; draw up basic policies and standards for the social security of the old, unemployed, injured and the sick and those giving birth to babies and supervise the implementation of such policies and standards, formulate the collection, spending, management and operation of social security funds.

The ministry consists of 12 departments: the general affairs office, legal system department, planning and finance department, training and employment department, labor wage department, pension security department, medical security department, rural social security department, social security funds supervision department, international cooperation department, personnel and education department.