Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is a Central Government agency under the State Council, responsible for drafting policies, laws, and development plans related to city, village, and town planning and construction, the building industry, and municipal works.

It was created from the older Ministry of Construction in the 2007-08 round of reorganization of the State Council.

The current minister is Jiang Weixin.

Its official site is:

It has 15 departments: General Office, Department of Laws and Regulations, Department of Housing Reform and Development, Department of Housing Security, Department of Urban and Rural Planning, Department of Standards and Quotas, Department of Real Estate Market Supervision, Department of Construction Market Supervision, Department of Urban Development, Department of Villages and Towns Development, Department of Project Quality and Safety Supervision, Department of Economizing Energy and Technologies of Building, Department of Housing Provident Fund Supervision, Department of Planning, Finance and Foreign Affairs, and Department of Personnel.