Ministry of Commerce

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The Ministry of Commerce

In charge of domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation, the Ministry of Commerce has such major responsibilities as to study and formulate policies and regulations for standardizing market operation and circulation order, promote the establishment and improvement of the market system, deepen the reform of the circulation system, monitor and analyze market operation and the situation of commodity supply and demand, conduct international economic operation, coordinate anti-damping, anti-subsidy matters and investigate the harm such acts have brought to industries.

The ministry has 25 departments and offices: the general affairs office, personnel, education and labor department, policy research office, law department, planning and finance department, Asian affairs department, Northwest Asian and African affairs department, Europe department, America and Oceania department, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao office, international economic and trade relations department, WTO department, foreign trade department, machinery and electric equipment import and export department, scientific development and technological trade department, market system department, commerce reform and development department, market operations regulation office, foreign investment department, external aid department, external economic cooperation department, import and export fair trade bureau, industrial damage investigation bureau, information technology department, and foreign affairs department.