Lin Qingfeng

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Lin Qingfeng

Lin Qingfeng (林清峰) is a Chinese professional weightlifter, who won the gold medal in the men's 69kg category at the London Olympics.

In London, Lin managed to lift all three attempts in the snatch at 152kg, 155kg and 157kg, and succeeded in the clean-and-jerk at 182kg and 187kg, but narrowly failed on his last attempt to set Olympic and world records in the clean-and-jerk with 198kg. In the clean-and-jerk, he edged his nearest competitor, Indonesian lifter Triyatno, by 11 kg.

Born in 1989, Lin's weightlifting career did not go smoothly at first. He was dropped twice by the Fujian provincial team, finally making a name for himself under the tutelage of Wan Jianhui, a top veteran weightlifting coach. Wan suggested Lin upgrade his weight class 62kg to 69kg, which later proved integral to Lin's victory at the London Olympic Games.

Major achievements:


Bronze medalist at the Asian Weightlifting Championships in 69kg snatch, clean and jerk as well as overall performance;


Gold Medalist in the 69kg category at the 2012 London Olympic Games.