Great Wall Station

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Great Wall Station

The Great Wall Station is China’s first scientific research center at the South Pole. It is located on the Fildes Peninsula of King George Island in west Antarctica. The Chinese expedition team named the seawater in front of the station the Great Wall Bay. With a mountain covered in snow year-round just behind the station and a tide area of more than 2,000m long and 300m wide in front of it, the station lies in the midst of rich water resources. The area serves as a nature reserve for penguins, birds, whales, plants and fossils. During the summer, it is covered with lichens and moss. It is thus seen as the perfect place for scientific research.

On December 31, 1984, a foundation-laying ceremony was held for the Great Wall Station in Antarctica. The construction of the Great Wall Station was completed on February 14, 1985. Its completion marked a new era for China’s exploration in Antarctica.