Democratic Supervision

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Democratic Supervision (民主监督 mín zhǔ jiān dū) is one of CPPCC’s political functions, which covers such areas as the implementation of the Constitution, laws and regulations of the state, implementation of major policies formulated by the CPC Central Committee and the state, the implementation of the national economic and social development plans and financial budget, conduct of duties, law observance, and honesty of state organs and their staff, the execution of decisions and regulations of the CPPCC on the part of its units and individuals.

Democratic supervision takes the forms of plenary sessions, standing committees and meetings of the chairmen of the National Committee of the CPPCC, discussion meetings of Standing Committee members of the CPPCC, special committee meetings of the CPC, consultation meetings participated by people from various political parties, representative public personages without political party affiliation, mass organizations, ethnic minorities and patriotic figures from different walks of life and activities of local people's political consultative conferences at various levels.