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The Communist Youth League of China (中国共青团) is a mass organization of advanced young people under the leadership of the CPC, according to the CPC Constitution amended and adopted in 2007.

It is a school where a large number of people learn about socialism with Chinese characteristics and about communism through practice. It is the Party's assistant and reserve force.

Originally known as the Socialist Youth League of China and New Democratic Youth League of China, it was first established in May 1922. Its present basic tasks are to adhere to the implementation of the CPC's basic lines and policies of the primary stage of socialism, unite and lead young people to focus on economic construction, persist in the Four Cardinal Principles, persist in reform, opening up, self-reliance and hard struggle, strive to promote productivity and social progress and bringing up, in the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, successors with lofty ideals, morals, cultural attainment and discipline, and strive to train new blood for the CPC and young talents in the building of the country.

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League functions under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Party. The local chapters of the Communist Youth League are under the leadership of the Party committees at the corresponding levels and of the higher organizations of the League itself.

Party committees at all levels are required to strengthen their leadership over Communist Youth League organizations and pay attention to selecting and training League cadres.

The Party must firmly support the Communist Youth League in the lively and creative performance of its work to suit the characteristics and needs of young people, and give full play to the League's role as a shock force and as a bridge linking the Party with young people, according to the CPC Constitution.

Those secretaries of League committees at or below the county level or in enterprises and institutions who are Party members may attend meetings of Party committees at the corresponding levels and meetings of their standing committees as non-voting participants.