China Association for the Promotion of Democracy

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China Association for the Promotion of Democracy中国民主促进会) (CAPD)

When it was founded on December 30, 1945, it was made up mostly by people engaged in education and publishing and patriotic figures in industry and commerce in Shanghai who stood for promotion of democracy and reform of the political power. It called on the Kuomintang to return the political power to the people, the establishment of a united and constitutional government.

Its program drawn in 1988 stands for the promotion and improvement of socialist democracy, improvement of a socialist legal system, uplifting of the qualifications of the people, development of productive forces and turning China into a prosperous, culturally developed, democratic, strong and modern socialist country.

The association is mainly made up by representative intellectuals in the fields of education, culture, publishing and science. It had a membership of more than 120,000 at the end of 2010 and its chairwoman is Yan Junqi (严隽琪).