Cherry Blossom Festival

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Beijing.

The Cherry Blossom Festival (樱花节) at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing is usually held from March to April. People can enjoy nearly 2,000 cherry trees in full blossom as well as fine bonsais and rare stones. Water sports on park lakes like boating will also be reopened to visitors during this season.

Yuyuantan Park is one of the 10 largest parks in Beijing. Located in Haidian District, it covers an area of 136.6 hectares, 95 percent of which are green area. The annual cherry blossom festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

Cherry blossoms can be viewed from January to June in many areas of China, but most of cherry blossom festivals fall between March and May. Gorgeous flowers are the main attraction of the festival, but a variety of traditional local performing arts presented in the period can't be missed.