Chen Dong

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Chinese astronaut Chen Dong

Chen Dong (陈冬) is a Chinese astronaut who carried out the Shenzhou 11 mission with veteran astronaut Jing Haipeng on Oct. 17, 2016.

The Shenzhou 11 spacecraft will dock with orbiting space lab Tiangong 2 within two days and the astronauts will stay in the space lab for 30 days before returning to Earth.

Born in central China's Henan Province in 1978, it is the first time for Chen to carry out such a mission as a crew member of China's manned spacecraft.

With a safe flight record of 1,500 hours as an air force pilot, Chen became China's second group of astronauts in May 2010, and was selected as a crew member of the Shenzhou 11 mission in June 2016.