Changchun Film Studio Century City

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On a one-million-sq. m plot adjoining the national forest park in southeast Changchun, there is a complex of buildings, "Changchun Film Studio Century City." As China’s first world-class theme park combining film-related recreational activities with tourism, the Changchun Film Studio Century City explores a new path for China’s film tourism by using all types of advanced film production technology to display Chinese culture. The first phase of the park is made up of ten tourist zones, including high-speed films, children’ films, IMAX films, and laser films, etc.

As a center for recreational activities related to film, the Changchun Film Studio Century City also provides other special programs developed with cinematic technology, such as representing volcanic eruption from the ancient Mayan civilization and the mystery of the gold coffin of Alexander the Great.

Changchun Film Studio Century City, Jilin