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Sino-American Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation

1903: Huang Xing, Chen Tianhua, Zhang Shizhao, and Song Jiaoren formed the Huaxin Hui (China Revival Society) with the goal of overthrowing the feudal rule of the Qing Dynasty. Huang Xing was elected president of the society.

1913: As part of his plan to restore the monarchy, Yuan Shikai dissolved the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) and expelled its members from the parliament.

1944: Mao Zedong sent a message congratulating US President Franklin D. Roosevelt on his re-election and expressing his willingness to engage in long-term joint efforts with the president to defeat the Japanese invaders, rebuild world peace and establish a democratic China.

1946: Sino-American Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation was signed in Nanjing.

1997: Kunming Intermediate People's Court became the first in China to order death sentences to be carried out by lethal injection.

1998: The Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a joint press conference with Lenovo Group, at which it was announced that a restructured ICT would become the central academy of the Lenovo Group.