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Zhou Peiyuan

1898: Birthday of Liu Shaoqi, former vice chairman of the Central Committee of CPC and chairman of China.

1949: China's national tax system was established.

1970: China and Ethiopia established diplomatic relations.

1976: The foundation was laid for the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao in Beijing.

1988: The Qianlong Edition of the Tripitaka Sutra, an ancient classic carved on the biggest writing blocks in the world, was printed.

1992: A passenger plane of China Southern Airlines crashed in Yangshuo of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, killing 141.

1993: Scientist Zhou Peiyuan passed away.

1999: "Dashun," a ship from the Shandong Yanda Steamship and Ferry Corporation, capsized en route from Yantai, Shangdong Province, to Dalian, Liaoning Province, killing 282 people on board.