CIIC:Selected anniversaries/November 13

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Members of the Southern Society pose for a commemorative group photo.

1909: The Southern Society, the first revolutionary literary organization, was established at Huqiu of Suzhou City in the 20th century.

1975: China set up diplomatic relations with Comoros.

1990: China's Tangshan City won the Habitat Award issued by the United Nations for its unique achievement in its after-quake construction. The city experienced a severe earthquake in 1976.

1995: A ship sunk in the Jiangjin branch of the Yangtze River in Sichuan Province. More than 70 people fell into the river, and only 32 were rescued following the incident.

1997: An explosion rocked the Pansan mine of the Huainan Mine Bureau in Anhui Province. The accident claimed 89 lives.