CIIC:Selected anniversaries/January 20

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1934: Puyi, China's last emperor, is crowned emperor of Manchukuo, a puppet state set up by Japan after the Mukden Incident.

1955: China establishes diplomatic relations with Afghanistan.

1981: The first Top 10 Chinese Athletes of the Year is announced. They were diver Chen Xiaoxia, volleyball player Lang Ping, swimmer Liang Weifen, table tennis player Guo Yuehua, weightlifter Wu Shude, footballer Rong Zhixing, gymnasts Li Yuejiu and Li Cuiling, badminton player Han Jian and triple jumper Zou Zhenxian.

1986: China adopts the Fisheries Law at the 14th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

1992: China establishes diplomatic relations with Belarus.