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Xinhua Daily

1851: Jintian Uprising, start of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851–1864).

1868: Educator Cai Yuanpei was born.

1903: Birthday of Jacob Rosenfeld, who later became a soldier for internationalism.

1926: To keep Kuomintang troops from invading, warlord Zhang Zuolin announced the independence of three northeastern provinces, declaring that he would administer military and political affairs of the three provinces in name of the commander of the Zhenwei Army.

1938: Xinhua Daily started publication.

1943: China's Nationalist government, based in Chongqing, signed separate treaties with Britain and the United States abolishing their extraterritoriality in China. All activities and management rights in the leased public territories of Shanghai and Xiamen were handed over to the Chinese government.