Beijing Workers' Gymnasium

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Beijing Workers' Gymnasium

The Beijing Workers' Gymnasium (北京工人体育馆), set up in 1961, is an important venue for major events and held various major table tennis, basketball, and volleyball competitions.

After renovation for the Beijing Olympics, various barrier-free improvements now highlight the arena, including wheelchair ramps at the north, south, east, and west entrances and barrier-free restrooms in the spectator, VIP, and athlete areas.

In addition, wheelchair accessible seating areas will be located on the floor, near the competition area. The arena's ventilation, lighting, electrical equipment, acoustics and sound insulation, and spectator seats were are all updated. And an additional 240 journalist seats, 30 VIP seats, and a VIP lounge were installed.

The Beijing Workers' Gymnasium also got a major facelift from newly installed two-layer windows which are made of an environmentally friendly aluminum alloy and are energy efficient.