Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium

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Located in southeastern Beijing, the University of Technology Gymnasium boasts the world's largest prestressed suspension dome ceiling 93 m in diameter. And the steel used in producing the structure weighs less than 1,200 tons, averaging 60 kg per sq m. The Gymnasium can match the International Badminton Federation's (IBF) wind speed standard and also keep the room temperature constant at 25 degrees Celsius. The secret lies in the spectator seats. Underneath every other seat, there are three vents 13 cm in diameter – a total of 9,100 vents are located throughout the gymnasium. A number of energy-saving and environmental-friendly methods are used at the Gymnasium, including rainwater recycling, ground-source heating in the winter, and a water-source heat pump for cooling in the summer.

Seating: 6,900

Olympic events: Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics