9th Asian Games

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The 9th Asian Games were held from November 19, 1982 to December 4, 1982 in New Delhi, India. Garnering 61 gold, 51 silver, and 41 bronze medals, the People's Republic of China replaced Japan in first place in the medals table for the first time. Chinese high jumper and world record holder Zhu Jianhua was chosen best athlete of the games.

A total of 3,345 athletes representing 33 countries and regions competed in 21 sports for 199 gold medals. The number of the participating countries was the greatest in Asian Games history. A total of 23 nations won medals and 16 of them won gold. Japan placed second with 57 gold, 52 silver, and 44 bronze medals. Korea placed third, followed by D.P.R. Korea, India and Indonesia.

According to incomplete statistics, Chinese competitors tied one world record in archery, set one world best time of the year in track and field, broke many Asian records and set more than 90 Asian Games record.